“Cinema with a Capital C”

“You are not a filmmaker,” she said, “You can be a filmmaker, of course, but you cannot continue to singularly define yourself as such.”

Dotson went on to claim that reverence for movie culture was one of the problems with the young content-makers. “We’re all trying to find a way to embrace the ambiguity of this new era we live in where web series and Vine videos are the new sketchpads,” she said. “Where mad scientists and technologists are trying to figure out the best way to create immersive experiences out of cardboard and a halo of cameras. Where there are more possibilities than ever to have your voice heard if we stop buying into the myth of the Cinema with a capital ‘C’ as the end all be all pinnacle of creative artistry.”

(From the always insightful site The New Inquiry)

It seems to me that pining for the way Things Used to Be, bemoaning the changes in the film industry since the 1990s, and wondering how we get back to making multi-million-dollar MacroCinematic artworks is a sad-sack game for filmmakers who are 50+ remembering their heyday.

The Age of MacroCinema was beautiful time to be making movies, no doubt, but those days are behind us. MicroCinema is the future, for everyone who is still interested in making art with moving images. These paths have diverged, I think permanently, so these days you actually have to choose between the dinosaurs and the small furry mammals.

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