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Cinema of Control

I want to repeat, and keep repeating, that I am not anti-MacroCinema. Many big movies have been formative experiences in my life, and occasionally I still see one that impacts my perspective on the world in a powerful way. All the more reason, I think, to continue to discuss the ongoing and evolving role of MacroCinema in global culture. Most…

Alexander Payne

On why he keeps returning to Nebraska to make movies: [Payne] told me, “Fellini used to say, ‘They’ve asked me to go to America many times to make films. But I don’t know how they drive there—I don’t even know how they hold their coffee.’ I kind of felt that way. Here in Nebraska, I feel comfortable with the details.…

The Dream Factory

A collection of interviews I conducted with fellow 2001/2 USC film school graduates, on the occasion of the 4- or 5-year anniversary of their entry into the film industry. I haven’t been posting these lately because they don’t conform to video haiku regulations, but what the heck… I’m proud of the work, and I think the stories should be shared.