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Film 45 Podcast

Jeremy Wilker, a Minnesota-based cinematographer and director, read my essay in Minnesota Playlist, and invited me to discuss local filmmaking with him for an episode of his podcast, Film 45. It’s so different to be asked questions and answer them in real-time, rather than having an opportunity to reflect, draft, revise! But I think, for the most part, it coheres.


(digitally) …by The Line Media! And I heard, incidentally, that the essay on Minnesota Playlist has been viewed over 1000 times, with an average page visit of 7 minutes – which is a lot of time for anyone to spend in one place on the internet. Some people have been very positive about the piece, some people have made comments…

Local Media, Whole Media, Slow Media

PROCESSED FOOD, PROCESSED MEDIAThere are a lot of parallels between late 20th Century food culture and media culture, which become more and more obvious to me as I continue to explore this subject. With food, it was taken as gospel in the post-war era that better eating was possible with the help of our good friends: Science, Technology and Industry.…